"Sharon recently presented at our College. I was most impressed with Sharon’s ability to connect with a truly diverse audience – she was able to engage College retirees and Freshman fraternity members equally, and maintain that engagement throughout the presentation. It was wonderful to see the audience become motivated by what they were learning. Comments on the way out of the auditorium were all about the first thing people planned to change now that they had the health information they needed. Sharon presents complex information in an accessible, student-friendly way. She doesn’t lecture or cheerlead, but encourages the students become their own advocates in the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices."

--Jennifer McLean
Director, Counseling, College Health & Disability Services
Pennsylvania College of Technology

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College Program

Healthy is the New Sexy

We've launched a new college program that we are very excited about.  Healthy is the New Sexy is a 90 minute college program that focuses on how making small changes on a daily basis add up to lifestyle changes that can transform our health and body image. As an experienced health coach, I'm passionate about inspiring clients and students to recreate their relationships with food, their community and themselves.

This program addresses issues head on in a fun, dynamic and life affirming way that resonates with students of all ages

  • transforming the relationship with food and exercise
  • helping students feel at home in their bodies -- all the more vital to today's tech-obsessed young adult
  • positive body image and strong sense of self

Healthy is the New Sexy takes a holistic approach to health-body, mind and spirit.  Students explore the link between making conscious choices daily and increased levels of health, energy, and happiness. The three primary areas covered are:

  • Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Physical Activity
  • Craving A Calm Mind

We will explore popular concepts of beauty and the importance of framing self-care as a healthy and sexy practice.  Workshops include nutritional education with practical tips, Zumba dancing, stretching, breathing techniques and guided meditation. This program is fully customizable so it can speak to health initiatives you already want to focus on, from healthy weight and Love Your Body programming to stress management, sleep quality and mental health.