Clients include: 

  • Brighter Choice Charter Elementary Schools

  • Troy School District

  • Excelsior College

  • Mohawk Valley Community College

  • Utica College

  • RPI

  • Penn Tech University

  • Sage College

  • American Cancer Society

  • Hackett Middle School

  • YWCA

  • Albany JCC ​


I will be forever grateful for Sharon's help in changing my life in ways Ididn't think possible.  Prior to her guidance, I was overweight, experiencing significant difficulty with weight management.  Additionally, my energy level was very low . . . I'm now in a wonderful state of wellbeing. With Sharon's guidance, I successfully converted from a carnivore to a herbivore. and loving every moment of it. Simply put, I feel GREAT!  I lost twenty five pounds and maintaining effortlessly.  I'm energetic and lively, even at the end of a busy work day and after consuming a meal.  Consequently, my activity level has soared. Thank you Sharon for changing and saving my life.  As a result of your help, my self-esteem has blossomed, giving me a new perspective on life.  

-- Jawanza N. Jabari, M.D.

​"Sharon recently presented at our College. I was most impressed with Sharon’s ability to connect with a truly diverse audience – she was able to engage College retirees and Freshman fraternity members equally, and maintain that engagement throughout the presentation. . . 

--Jennifer McLean
Director, Counseling, College Health & Disability Services
Pennsylvania College of Technology

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"There are really no words to express how incredible Sharon's Coaching Intensive Programs are.  As a lifelong carnivore, sugar addict and junk food fanatic, I had no idea how different my body could feel eating in a healthier way.  Three days of walking on the beach, making the connection between my emotions and what was driving me to eat foods that did not serve me, and cooking healthier meals with such a passionate cheerleader transformed my relationship with food and helped me to take responsibility for making healthier choices - and I lost 3 pounds in 3 days!  This kind of coaching is priceless.

-- Esther  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sharon Lastique is a natural teacher and a gifted healer, who combines a sharp intellect, genuine compassion, refreshing common sense, and a sense of humor that keeps all in perspective. I recently took a nutrition workshop with her that was more than informative -- it was inspiring. Sharon's knowledge about holistic health, our bodies and emotions and the food we put into our bodies is encyclopedic, and she proved up to effortlessly answering any questions that arose from a diverse group of students. She is someone who truly cares about her mission to coach people into naturally achieving better health, and one thing that distinguishes her from others in her field is her humility and lack of strident dogmatism.

Simply put, time spent with Sharon is enlightening.

-- Ralph Hammann, Williamstown, MA