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Nutrition & Metabolism: You Are What You Eat

We make thousands of choices each day that directly impact our health. Most of the choices are made on auto-pilot. Imagine what could happen if students made more conscious choices daily. Students in college enter a new world of responsibility for personal health including daily food choices.  There is a need to demystify the popular notions of what constitutes healthy food. Science has proven that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is truly sad and lacking in the basic micronutrients that we all need and loaded with highly processed foods. 

We will explore how to add in healthier foods and crowd out less healthy choices.

We will examine how caring for our metabolism can help us burn food more efficiently and reduce excess weight. 

Students will gain an understanding of the direct link between small changes including: healthier food choices, adequate sleep and proper hydration yield results of increased energy levels, improved academic performance and reduced stress levels.  

 Physical Activity: Move it to Lose It

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest."

Students feel overwhelmed, too many classes & activities, not enough time to squeeze it all in. Yet all this activity is not translating into fit bodies.  Studies have shown 28% of college students are overweight and obese.

Research has found the increased likelihood of remaining obese lifelong if one is already overweight in college.  We must make fitness as important as studying.  Habits are developed over time. Peer cohorts impact our choices. In a supportive group setting, students will get to experience that fitness is FUN!

The program title “Healthy Is The New Sexy” begs the question: What is Sexy?

We will explore popular images of beauty and define “sexiness” along with the role it plays on self-esteem and body consciousness.  We will expand the definitions of sexiness to include confidence.  

Zumba and stretching will be used to encourage students to connect to their physical body on a daily basis.    

Craving A Calm Mind: Secrets of Improved Emotional & Mental Health

We can connect to Spirit in many ways including: meditation, prayer, time in nature, time spent with loved ones. The power of our thoughts and our daily choices have a direct correlation to the level of our self-love and happiness. 

College is a new environment where students must navigate a complex social network and cope with a variety of emotions. Students are learning to experience their emotions and effectively communicate their feelings even under stress. 

Students learn to:

  • Use positive self- talk to shift negative inner critic voices.
  • Feel  emotions in their body and take responsibility for expression of emotions as a response to external and internal stressors.  
  • Use breathing to modulate emotion to experience more ease and joy in life.  
  • Learn how to integrate ritual and time in nature into spiritual/relaxation practice. When we have a healthy spiritual practice we can more easily sustain a state of inner calm.